Monks - Fruitcakes

Abbey of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Lafayette, Oregon

The Abbey of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a monastery of Cistercian (Trappist) monks dedicated in a cloistered environment to a life of contemplation. The Abbey began as a foundation established by Our Lady of the Valley Community in Rhode Island (precursor to St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts) in April 1948 in Pecos, New Mexico. In March 1955, the monks sold the property to the Benedictine monks and moved to Oregon, failing to find farming sufficiently profitable at that high altitude. The Group has had between 35 and 40 members in recent years, varying in age from its 20s to its 90s.

Trappists are committed to self-sufficiency and aspire to survive entirely by the work of their own hands. To this end, many small businesses are home to Our Lady of Guadalupe: they harvest 900 acres of Douglas fir, run a small bookbinding shop and a large wine warehouse serving neighboring wineries, and have baked their famous Trappist Abbey Fruitcakes since 1982.

The Trappist Bakery specializes in delicious dessert items. This industry helps to support their monastic life of prayer, hospitality, and alms-giving.  Their products include Fruitcake, Date-Nut Cake, and Honey.