Monks - Trappist Preserves

The monks of Saint Joseph’s Abbey were inspired to begin Trappist Preserves in 1954 after a stovetop batch of mint jelly from the Abbey herb garden quickly sold out at the Abbey gift shop. From this humble beginning, Trappist Preserves has grown to be recognized throughout North America as a premier, all-natural brand of preserves, jams, jellies, and conserves.

Made by the Trappist Monks of St. Joseph's Abbey in central Massachusetts since 1954, Trappist Preserves are a unique New England-made product.

  • Jams are made from puréed fruit
  • Jellies are made from fruit juice
  • Marmalades include the fruit peel
  • Preserves are made from the whole fruit
  • Conserves are made from whole fruit; raisins & nuts may be added