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Relevant Catholic Gifts

Guadalupe Gifts is a small business that has a unique collection of Catholic gifts and jewelry and a wonderful social mission at the same time.

When you purchase a high-quality item from Guadalupe Gifts, you help the world's finest artists preserve their craft traditions and positively affect their communities.

The majority of our Catholic gifts are handcrafted in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, and Italy.

We offer high value Catholic products for all budgets at fair prices.

Over 1,300 Catholic gifts and jewelry made for Catholics by Catholics.

Guadalupe Gifts is the exclusive US distributor for Mexico's "Insigne y Nacional Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe".

Trustworthy Store

Small family owned and operated business with a warehouse in Miami, Florida.

Best-in-class customer service as rated by our clients.

A new Guadalupe Gifts' Concierge Shopping Service for those in search of difficult-to-find or time-consuming-to-find Catholic gifts has launched.

Guadalupe Gifts has been working for years with over 500 shrines, basilicas, cathedrals, parishes, and independent gift shops in the US across 18 states.

Hassle-free Experience

Easy navigation online store.

Mobile-friendly design online shop.

Enjoy complementary shipping on all domestic orders.

Receive your favorite Guadalupe Gifts in 2-3 business days.

Easy & Free Returns.

Simple to get in touch with us via your preferred method: chat, WhatsApp, phone or email

Secure payment by credit or debit card or Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.

Flexible payment options for large purchases - 4 installments of payments without interest.