Guadalupe Gifts Supremo Colombian Coffee, 16 oz.

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This product is made in Colombia exclusively for Guadalupe Gifts. Our product is carefully selected for a homogeneous, defects-free, and balanced body with delicate fruity notes.  Our 100% Colombian arabica coffee is grown by small coffee growers in Coffee Growers Cooperatives,  with responsible and fair trade practices. Our coffee roaster uses state of the art technology, with a fluid bed roasting (hot air) system that guarantees uniformity and consistency.

Ground Bean

Weight 16 oz

Balance body with delicately sweet and fruity notes.

Instructions: For best results, head filtered water just below the boiling point, about 195 F.  Use about 3 tablespoons (14 gr) of ground coffee to brew one cup (8 oz) of coffee.

Product shelf life: 12 months