Guadalupe Gifts Supremo Colombian Coffee, 16.92 lbs

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This product is made in Colombia exclusively for Guadalupe Gifts. Our product is carefully selected for a homogeneous, defects-free, and balanced body with delicate fruity notes.  Our 100% Colombian arabica coffee is grown by small coffee growers in Coffee Growers Cooperatives,  with responsible and fair trade practices. Our coffee roaster uses state-of-the-art technology, with a fluid bed roasting (hot air) system that guarantees uniformity and consistency.

Ground Bean

Total Weight 16.92 oz  (12 small bags of 1.41 oz each).

Balance body with delicately sweet and fruity notes.

Instructions: For best results, head filtered water just below the boiling point, about 195 F.  Use about 3 tablespoons (14 gr) of ground coffee to brew one cup (8 oz) of coffee.

Product shelf life: 12 months