Silver Plated St John Neumann Necklace with Real Flowers, 16" (L)

Silver Plated St John Neumann Necklace with Real Flowers, 16" (L)

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"A man must always be ready for death, for death comes when and where God wills it" - Saint John Neumann
  • Great gift for any occasion
  • Crafted with real colorful flowers, resin and Silver Plated metal
  • Each piece is unique and has been created by Catholic artisan hands

 This beautiful necklace, featuring an image of a Saint John Neumann has been carefully put together by a woman named Rosa, and for her, this little necklace is a fruit of her life's work. Our artisans grow colorful flowers of various kinds to then carefully dry them, preserving the color and splendor of the petals. Each flower is applied individually to each medal, so the flowers in each product tend to vary. This lovely piece is sure to be treasured by anyone who receives it, as it is unique and meaningful.

- Please note that the flowers on each medallion are applied one by one. Flowers used will vary from one medallion to the next. Therefore, no two pieces are exactly the same. Images used may vary as well. 

Photos shown are examples of the finished product

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Approximate Measurements: 1.25" round, 0.90" x 1.25" oval and 16" chain.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures 
  • Clean by using a soft cloth; using a jewelry cleaning cloth for the metal part only is OK
  • Made in Mexico