FREE Mindfulness & Well-Being for Catholics Webinar

If you missed the opportunity to participate in the Webinar in reference last November 5th,  you still have a chance to view it at your own convenient time.

Please click here to access the video. Use the passcode: b2Jq9E#R 

We live in an increasingly busy world. We believe that speed is essential to success and that we must continuously stay connected digitally, which is both a blessing and a curse. When something new arises, we often panic and become stressed. Our minds immediately worry about possible adverse outcomes; this negative thinking damages our self-worth, increases anxiety, and hurts our bodies in many ways. But with a mindfulness practice, we can retrain our brain so that we approach situations in a calmer, more composed manner. We learn to live in the moment and not fear things that have not even happened yet (and might never happen). Mindfulness has proven to provide the following benefits to people who practice it:

- Increased ability to be present

- Greater well-being

- Higher emotional regulation

Guadalupe Gifts organized on Thursday, November 5th, at 7:00 pm Eastern Time an inspiring 60-minute virtual mindfulness session to explore quickly and engagingly a set of practices that helped cultivate presence, focus, positive emotions, and overall well-being. During our session, we covered:

- Why mindfulness is needed

- Mindfulness definition and its benefits

- The neuroscience behind mindfulness

- Foundational exercises to focus attention, calm the mind and enhance connection and empathy

About our Speaker

Rafael combines 25 years of international corporate experience and mindfulness practice. He has held marketing leadership positions at Fortune 100 companies such as Mastercard and American Express. He is a Certified Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Teacher from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator by the International Mindfulness Teacher Association.

In November 2017, Rafael founded OnBeing Mindful, a leadership training and executive coaching firm focused on providing corporate mindfulness and emotional intelligence-based. He has trained thousands of leaders in the US, Canada, India, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela.

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