About Us

Guadalupe Gifts is the go-to source for unique and authentic Catholic gifts.

Our collection includes handmade jewelry, crosses, rosaries, and more, all crafted by the world's top artisans.

Whether you're looking for a special gift for a loved one or something to celebrate your own faith, we've got exactly what you need.

We're committed to providing a friendly, hassle-free shopping experience for our customers, and we're proud to offer genuine Catholic products that will bring joy to your loved ones. Visit us today to find the perfect gift for any occasion!

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Our Story

Our family had been planning our daughter Romina's Confirmation for months.

As the day drew closer, we began looking for unique favors to give out at the reception.

We wanted something special that would remind guests of this important milestone in Romina’s life.

Unfortunately, all of the gifts we found were made in bulk on the other side of the world and didn't feel very meaningful or thoughtful.

So, when an opportunity arose to visit family in Mexico, we decided to take it and see if there was anything worth taking back home with us for Romina’s special day.

We quickly fell in love with Mexican folk art and soon found exactly what we were looking for - embossed cube candles featuring Our Lady of Guadalupe! It was perfect - beautiful, meaningful, and a way to honor our faith while also celebrating Romina's Confirmation.

On Confirmation Day itself everyone loved these special favors so much that people started asking where they could buy them themselves!

That is how Guadalupe Gifts was born; a small business dedicated to providing beautiful Catholic gifts and jewelry crafted by some of the best craftspeople around the world.

Over time it has grown into a successful family-run business that still keeps its roots close by offering high quality products inspired by Mexican culture every step of the way!

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What We Do

At Guadalupe Gifts, we believe it is up to our customers to be the ultimate judge of our business.

That's why we have put together an incredible collection of affordable Catholic gifts and jewelry, made with skill and great creative passion by talented artisans who are preserving their cultural traditions.

For every item you purchase at Guadalupe Gifts – whether it is something special for yourself or a beautiful gift idea you want to offer someone else – you will also contribute towards helping those affected by the cruel actions of copycat victims around the world.

We hope that, when you make your purchases from us, knowing that your money is helping not only your own life but others too will bring double joy into your heart!

Shop now at Guadalupe Gifts – be part of a global movement that makes a difference in people’s lives!

Purpose and Values

At Guadalupe Gifts, our mission is to provide people with the space they need to confidently express their Catholic faith and cultural heritage.

We believe in offering ethically sourced, unique gifts and jewelry so everyone has the items they need to appreciate and interpret their religious beliefs.

Our aim is to make our brand synonymous with empowerment, providing valuable religious symbols as something people can turn to when seeking inner peace.

Our vision is for Guadalupe Gifts to be known as the place for those ideas find calm expression.

At our core, we aim to build trust with everyone we work with; vendor, partners, retailers, and especially customers!

We understand that relationships are something that should be fostered rather than just negotiation and sales. That's why we promise to deliver reliability when it comes to customer service because it matters most to us.

We go above and beyond to provide solutions to all problems in the fairest way possible, while managing expectations through consistent verbal and written communication.

All in all, we always strive to ensure mutually beneficial relationships filled with value!

Our Team - Valerio's Family

Welcome to our family owned and operated business here in Miami, FL!

We are so glad that you're here. From left to right we have Juan Carlos, Juan Pablo, Romina and Sibyl.

Each of these contributors brings a unique talent and enthusiasm that have helped shape this business to what it is today.

Everyone brings a spirit of collaboration and growth. We strive to fulfill our customer's needs by providing high quality services, products and experiences every day.

Being family-driven motivates us even more than ever; it gives us the chance to create something special with heartfelt care and dedication.

Come join our family today in Miami, FL!


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