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Guadalupe Gifts offers you a carefully curated collection of handmade, classic, and genuine Catholic gifts and jewelry crafted by the world's top artisans.

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Our Story

Guadalupe Gifts, our family business, was made when our daughter was preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. We were looking for favors to give out at the reception, but we could not find any we truly liked since most shops sell the same gifts made in bulk on the other side of the world.

We didn't want to spend money on gifts that recipients would throw away or not value.

That is until we traveled to Mexico to visit family and became enamored with the Mexican folk art we found.

The Confirmation was lovely. And the favors we gave out, embossed cube candles with Our Lady of Guadalupe, sparked a lot of unexpected interest in our guests. From then on, we searched for the best catholic gifts and jewelry manufactured by the world's best craftspeople. The rest is history.

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What We Do

Guadalupe Gifts is a small business that has a unique collection of Catholic gifts and jewelry and a wonderful social mission at the same time.

We believe that customers are the ultimate judges of every business. They trust us because they believe what we believe.

Guadalupe Gifts serves clients that appreciate the preservation of traditions and cultural legacy while also looking to purchase unique, creative, and authentic Catholic gifts and jewelry at an affordable price.

Guadalupe Gifts links empowered artists with customers who understand the multiplier effect of a simple purchase.

Our skilled artisans have retained their craft traditions, thereby impacting positively on the economies of their communities. These groups give hope and strength to copycat victims around the world.

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Purpose and Values

It is our mission to give people the ability to freely express their Catholic faith and cultural heritage in their community. Primarily through ethically sourced, and unique Catholic gifts and jewelry.

Our vision is to position Guadalupe Gifts as the go-to brand for people seeking inner calm and expression of their Catholic faith via religious symbols.

Our Core Values

1) Forge trust with vendors, partners, retail clients, and customers.

2) Always bring value and build long-term partnerships. Focus on relationships over selling and negotiation.

3) Deliver reliable customer service and deliver outcomes. Respond to concerns, keep promises.

4) Provide solutions to problems with fairness.

5) Manage expectations with consistent verbal and written communication.

Our Team - Valerio's Family

We are a family owned and operated business here in Miami, Fl.

From left to right: Juan Carlos, Juan Pablo, Romina and Sibyl.


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