The Rise of Mexican Folk Art Crosses: A Guide

In recent years, Mexican folk art crosses have become increasingly popular as they offer an eye-catching blend of colors and patterns. Perfect as a home decor piece, souvenir, or gift, these handcrafted crosses are commonly associated with the culture and heritage of Mexico. If you want to add a unique piece of art to your home, you’ll want to learn more about Mexican folk art crosses. In this guide, we’ll discuss the history of these handmade crosses, where to find them, and why they make such great keepsakes.

Are you seeking a unique and beautiful Catholic gift celebrating Mexican culture? Look no further than our collection of Mexican folk art crosses! Handcrafted with love and expertise by an artisans' family in San Angel, Mexico, this wall crosses art pieces with bold colors that will brighten your home decor.

Our collection of Mexican folk art crosses includes artwork pieces of all sizes and budgets. You'll find something that fits your style and budget, from large and intricately decorated pieces to smaller crosses. Each Mexican cross is crafted with pewter, resin, natural flowers, and sometimes colorful images featuring Catholic imagery.

The handmade art pieces and powerful symbols signify devotion and love and often feature images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and other religious figures, as well as vibrant colors and flower decorations. The color and design of each wall cross hold special meaning infused with centuries of devotion and love, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our collection of Mexican folk art crosses makes excellent gifts for Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and other sacraments celebrations, expressing love or appreciation on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Birthdays. A wall cross can commemorate a beloved person.

At our store, you'll find Mexican folk art crosses adorned only with natural flower decorations or celestial designs dedicated to Mary, including Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Grace,  and Our Lady of Fatima. Other items honor Jesus, like the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Divine Mercy, and much more. The crucifix wall cross with Saint Benedict Medal is a popular handmade product we offer.

Discover individual art pieces to complete your Catholic home decor and express your unique style with bold colors for an extra special touch. Witness these handmade products being made here and shop from a selection of Mexican folk art crosses that will brighten up any home.

Get inspired and add a touch of Mexican culture and devotion to your home with a beautiful and unique Mexican folk art wall cross from Guadalupe Gifts!


1. What are Mexican folk art crosses?

Mexican folk art crosses are art deeply rooted in Mexican history and culture. The crosses stand usually brightly colored and feature a variety of symbols that represent different aspects of Mexican life.

2. Where can I find Mexican folk art crosses?

Mexican folk art crosses can be found in various places, including galleries, museums, and online stores.

3. How are Mexican folk art crosses made?

Mexican folk art crosses are traditionally created by hand using specialty tools and traditional techniques.

4. What symbols are featured on Mexican folk art crosses?

Mexican folk art crosses typically feature symbols, flowers, and religious images representing Mexican culture.

5. What is the history of Mexican folk art crosses?

Mexican folk art crosses have a long history from the 16th century. They were initially used to honor and pay homage to Catholic saints and for spiritual protection. As the popularity of these crosses has grown, so has their purpose and meaning. Today, Mexican folk art crosses are seen as a way to celebrate Mexican culture and traditions.

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