Quiz: Discover What Saint Would Like To Be Your Friend!

Being friends with saints is the best. It reminds us that the saints were regular people. While we all have our own stories, there is a saint who has followed a similar journey. More than distant, unattainable perfectionists, they are men and women with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and problems to overcome.
The fascinating thing about friendship is that we don't try to be the same, but rather assist one other be the best version of ourselves. We should aim to be inspired by them rather than mimic them as we take in their wisdom and examples of noble living. It doesn't matter if they lived in a different era or culture! Focus on their unwavering generosity, Christian adventure courage, and Christ-love... Let their spirit inspire you, then consider how you can share it in your own circumstances.
So, if you don’t have one already (or if you would maybe like one more), we made this quiz to help you find your new Saint friend!

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