Saint Charbel Makhluf, Priest (May 8, 1828 - December 4, 1898)

Charbel lived as a hermit from 1875 until 1898. Pope Paul VI beatified Sharbel in 1969, and cononized him 1977.

Saint John Paul II often said that the Church has to lungs -East and West- and we need to learn to breathe using both. The Lebanese saint unites Christians and Muslims.


Lord, infinitely Saint and Glorified in Thy Saints, Who has inspired the Saint Monk and Hermit Charbel to live and die in the path of Jesus Christ, and gave him the strength to detach himself from the world in order to make triumph, in his hermitage, the monastic virtues: - We implore Thee to bestow upon us the grace to love Thee and serve Thee following his example.
God Almighty, Who has manifested the power of the Saint Charbel’s intercession, by the numerous miracles and favours, grant us the Grace (…) by his intercession. Amen

If you want to learn more about Saint Charbel from Fr. Mark please click the following video

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