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When you buy at Guadalupe Gifts during July, we'll donate money to "Hunger Free America" (HFA).

HFA is a national nonprofit group building a bold, grassroots membership movement in all 50 states to enact the public policies necessary to end domestic hunger and ensure that all Americans have sufficient access to nutritious food. Founded as the New York City Coalition Against Hunger (NYCCAH), the organization was established in 1983 as the voice for the more than 1,200 charitable soup kitchens and food pantries that exist in New York City, as well as the 1.4 million low-income New Yorkers who don't have enough food. As it continues to strengthen its local efforts as Hunger Free New York City, HFA's local programs will continue to build upon it efforts to date. Hunger Free America is committed to meeting the immediate food needs of low-income Americans while promoting innovative solutions to help them move toward greater economic self-sufficiency. Ending Hunger Lifts Us All!

Since COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the United States in March 2020, tens of millions of Americans have slipped into poverty and hunger due to loss of income, school shutdowns, and the closures of senior centers. In 2020, an estimated 54 million Americans including 18 million children are now food insecure.

How it works: We'll donate 20% of our sales to Hunger Free America during July.

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