Ten great gift ideas for Catholic women who are devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

As we approach December 12th, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, many of us are starting to think about what gifts we can give to honor this special occasion. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are ten great gift ideas for Catholic women who are devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe!

  • A replica of the Virgin's cloak from Basilica Guadalupe
  • A rosary box with a rosary from Basilica Guadalupe
  • A Virgin Mary Pendant
  • A rosary bracelet gold
  • A scapular necklace from Basilica Guadalupe
  • A wall cross décor with the image of Our Lady
  • A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Guadalupe prayer candles from Basilica Guadalupe

A replica of the Virgin's cloak from Basilica Guadalupe

Replicas of the Tilma, a cloak that holds an image of the Virgen de Guadalupe, have been treasured and analyzed for centuries. Millions take pilgrimages to witness Our Lady's presence in person and now these replicas are found across homes worldwide - what an honor! The Virgen has taken it upon herself to watch over believers with her compassionate spirit - how comforting is that thought? Whether you’re looking for an inspirational reminder or simply admire its beauty – there’s no denying the power behind this iconic figure.

virgen de guadalupe canvas

 A rosary box with a rosary from Basilica Guadalupe

The rosary box with a rosary from Basilica Guadalupe is the perfect gift for anyone in your life. The rosary itself is crafted with stunning detail. Inside the rosary box, lies an intricately designed rosary that reflects the artistic vibrant culture of Mexico while still being strongly reminiscent of traditional Catholicism. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also provides a calming presence to its receiver, reminding them of their faith and guiding presence. It’s sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come!

rosary box


A Virgin Mary pendant

Guadalupe, also known as the Our Lady of Guadalupe, is a representation of the Virgin Mary. Guadalupe is most commonly displayed in artwork but actual physical representations, such as a Virgin Mary pendant or medallion, can be found too. These beautiful medallions often contain images of Guadalupe; her captivating beauty radiates from the piece and makes it genuinely special. Guadalupe brings about a sense of peace and connection with all. Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, having Guadalupe by your side in the form of a Virgin Mary pendant will add beauty and comfort to your life!

our lady of guadalupe medal


A necklace with Virgin Mary

Having a Guadalupe Virgin Mary necklace as a part of your jewelry collection can be truly meaningful and beautiful! Whether you buy a classic gold virgin mary necklace, a modernized version with different metals, or look for vintage pieces, there’s something undeniably special about wearing the iconic symbol. Virgin Mary gold necklaces have been the subject of many debates throughout history, making them even more magnificent to own and admire. So why not treat yourself to one – or give it as a gift – and enjoy its spiritual aura?

rosary necklace

 A rosary bracelet gold

Nothing adds a touch of elegance and style like a rosary bracelet gold! This timeless accessory comes in a variety of designs and has lots of beads to choose from. Intricately patterned rosary bracelets are available in silver, rose gold or even yellow gold, allowing you to find the perfect rosary bracelet for your unique style. Wear it as part of any outfit or give it as a special gift - rosary bracelets classic beauty will be sure to make heads turn!

rosary bracelet


A scapular necklace from Basilica Guadalupe

A scapular necklace from Basilica Guadalupe is an item of beautiful significance. A scapular necklace has been a symbol of faith and devotion worn by Catholics for centuries. This scapular necklace, rich in gold with detailed engravings, was crafted with care. Not only does it make for a lovely accessory to add to one's wardrobe but its spiritual symbolism is ageless. Wearing a scapular necklace Catholic allows one to embrace the rich tradition associated with it and embrace being part of the greater faithful body. Pick out your perfect scapular medal gold that can be used to stand as testament to your faith!

scapular necklace


A wall cross décor with the image of Our Lady

Wall crosses are an interesting wall décor. They add religious symbolism to the home while offering a unique touch. The wall cross décor with the image of Our Lady is particularly special, and more meaningful than just a plain wall cross. Each handmade wall cross is made with delicacy and attention to detail, making them even more intriguing as it adds a personal element to them. This wall cross décor with Our Lady on it serves as not only a source of inspiration, but also as a statement of faith and devotion for all who behold it.

wall cross


 A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe is an iconic figure that has inspired millions of people across the world. Her statue stands as a monumental reminder of her message and her strength. Also known as the Virgen de Guadalupe, this statue symbolizes the hope and faith for many throughout Latin America and beyond. Representing more than just a statue, it stands as a reminder of resilience in the face of oppression, inspiring us to dream bigger, love stronger, and reach farther despite limited resources or fear. Our Lady of Guadalupe will continue to be admired by many for generations to come!

virgin mary statue


Guadalupe prayer candles from Basilica Guadalupe

Each prayer candle from Basilica Guadalupe, sacred home of Our Lady of Guadalupe, is a lasting reminder of prayer, faith, and love we can carry with us. Prayer candles help provide light in our times of darkness, reminding us to hold dear prayer and the power that exists when prayer meets candlelight. When using your Guadalupe prayer candles to pray to Our Lady, allow each flicker and flame to represent a part of your prayer journey. Imagine the prayer light radiating throughout your space aiding in divine connection and transformation as you open yourself up to receive her love and guidance. May the prayer candles you choose engulf your precious space as you make today's prayer asking for help, relief or comfort.


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