What You Should Know About Religion and Spirituality

- Religion is not just one, there are many.

- Spiritual is one.

- Religion is for those who need someone to tell them what to do and want to be guided.

- Spirituality is for those who pay attention to their inner voice.

Paul, a very close friend of mine, sent me this post today but I wanted to share it with you before I disclose my opinion. As a background, let me tell that I respect Paul because he is an intelligent man and amazing human being (son, father, friend) but he is atheist. Nobody is perfect! right?

- Religion has a set of dogmatic rules.

- Spirituality invites us to reason everything, to question everything.

- Religion speaks of a God.

- Spirituality is everything and there, it is in God.

- Religion is human. It is an organization with rules made by man.

- Spirituality is Divine, without human rules.

- Religion is looking for you to believe.

- Spirituality you have to look for it to believe.

- Religion lives in thought.

- Spirituality lives in inner consciousness.

- Religion lives in the past and in the future.

- Spirituality lives in the present.

- Religion promises life after death.

- Spirituality is to find God in our interior during the current life before death.

We are not human beings, who go through a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings, who go through a human experience.

What do you think?


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