Celebrate Loved Ones: How to Make a Dia de Los Muertos Altar

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a cherished Mexican tradition from October 31 to November 2. Over the centuries, the holiday has become more intertwined with Catholic traditions, evolving from a month-long celebration to primarily being observed on November 1 in Mexico. This poignant occasion brings families together to honor and remember their deceased loved ones. Central to this tradition is the altar, or "ofrenda." Welcome to Guadalupe Gifts, where faith meets artistry. As a family-owned business offering high-quality, unique Catholic gifts and jewelry, we aim to enrich your altar-making experience. This guide will walk you through the steps to create a Día de los Muertos altar, incorporating tradition, Catholic symbolism, and personal memories.

Gathering the Supplies

What You'll Need

First and foremost, gather the essential items for your altar, such as marigold flowers, candles, photographs, food offerings, and religious or spiritual pieces. Elevate your space with our uniquely designed Wall Crosses, an extraordinary collection made to bless your home with an air of spiritual sophistication. Each piece embodies the profound elegance of the Catholic tradition.

Where to Find Supplies

While some items can be procured at local Mexican crafts stores, Guadalupe Gifts is a trusted source for those seeking to express their Catholic faith through meaningful pieces. Our wall crosses and crucifixes are made from a vivid mix of pressed flowers, high-quality pewter, and resin, creating a unique and eye-catching addition to any altar.

Getting Ready

Before assembling your altar, choose a respectful location and clean it thoroughly. The area can be a tabletop, a room corner, or a dedicated space in your home.

Setting Up the Altar

Arranging the Levels

Traditionally, Día de los Muertos altars feature two or three tiers that symbolize Earth, Heaven, and sometimes Purgatory. Use boxes or crates for the base and cover them with a white cloth to signify purity.

Placing the Items

Place photographs of the departed on the topmost level. Candles act as guiding lights for the spirits. Consider adding one of Guadalupe Gifts' unique candles to your altar for a harmonious blend of tradition and artistry. Complement the setting with marigold flowers, food offerings, and personal mementos.

Final Touches

Add personalized items like poems, artwork, or notes to the departed to complete your altar. Our ethically sourced, beautifully crafted items, like our Wall Crosses, are the perfect finishing touches, making your altar personalized and sacred.

Understanding the Symbolism

Orange Marigolds

Known as the "flower of the dead," the marigold, or "cempasúchil," is believed to guide spirits back to the world of the living with its bright colors and aromatic scent.

Food Offerings

Food offerings are more than symbolic; they allow you to share your loved one's favorite dishes. Standard selections include fruits, Pan de Muerto, and other traditional words.

Personal Items

Personal effects, like favorite books, jewelry, or instruments, forge a deep connection between the living and the deceased. Items from Guadalupe Gifts can help enrich this connection through their meaningful designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

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Creating a Día de los Muertos altar is a profoundly enriching experience that serves to honor and celebrate the lives of those no longer with us. Whether you're of Mexican heritage or drawn to its rich culture, crafting an altar offers a unique opportunity to connect with your loved ones. Through the specialized, high-quality offerings from Guadalupe Gifts, including our bespoke collection of Wall Crosses, your altar can become a singular and sacred space that resonates with spiritual sophistication and personal meaning.

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